Important policy issues at ICANN's meeting
One of the most hotly contested issues at ICANN's 28th International Public Meeting (26-30 March 2007 in Lisbon, Portugal) is a draft proposal regarding the introduction of new generic top-level domains and its impact on free expression and national sovereignty.
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Governments could ban controversial Internet domain names
Unless reformed, a new policy proposed at ICANN will prevent the use of controversial words in new generic top-level domains (as .com or .org) if a single government objects to their use.
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Bloggers against torture
While the capacity of digital technologies to jump-start democracy has often been exaggerated, recent events in Egypt demonstrate blogs' enormous potential as an advocacy tool and, more broadly, as an alternative source of news.
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ICT plays key role in fostering development, Ban Ki-moon says
Information and communications technologies (ICT) are crucial in spurring “development, dignity and peace,” said UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in a video message at the opening of the Steering Committee’s meeting of the Global Alliance for Information and Communications Technologies and Development (GAID), taking place in February 2007 in Santa Clara, California.
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Egypt: Blogger’s imprisonment sets chilling precedent
The Egyptian government for the first time sentenced a blogger to prison for his writings, threatening a window of free speech that has emerged on the Internet.
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New UN Chief urged to call attention on censorship in Tunisia
In a letter to the UN Secretary-General the Tunisia Monitoring Group says that the state of free expression in Tunisia is as poor, if not poorer, in January 2007 than it was when the WSIS was held in November 2005.
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Panel and book @ WSIS
At the Tunis World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) ITeM organised an event titled "Framing WSIS in global governance processes: Linkages and follow-up". It was held on November 17th, 2005 from 10:45 to 12:45 at the Room Mehdia (Kram Exhibition Hall). [En español]
Internet governance
The issue of a more democratic and equitable management of global Internet resources was one of the central issues in the UN World Summit on the Information Society.

ICTD within the framework of the MDGs
Would MDGs be better achieved through ICTs? How do they fit into Southern development agendas?

Rural access to ICTs
A rural ICT access model that combines community-owned ICT enterprises with wireless technologies can create more empowering and sustainable initiatives.

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